Best Practices On A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs

Within the SMART Youth Project; a research has been conducted about best practices on a new generation of entrepreneurs and have been uploaded in the Smart Business Toolbox. The best practices are including the stories about companies facing the challenge of the COVID-19 in the beginning of 2020 as well as insights about how they digitalized their activities and reorganized their business in order to be sustainable during the period of pandemic and other crisis.
This documents are thought to be very useful for especially the young entrepreneurs since they demonstrate what kind of technologies could be used for prevention and management of crisis. Best practices will inspire young entrepreneurs and will change their mindset in terms of preventions and sustainable entrepreneurship.
The research includes best practices from all partner countries Turkey, Bulgaria, Ireland and Romania. The participating companies shared their experiences, what kind of digital solutions (online platforms, solutions for remote work, digital marketing strategies, chatbots or other solutions) they put into practice when their business was exposed to extreme events such as pandemics and other crises. Each story focused on the companies’ performance before the pandemic, during the pandemic and after the digitalization process.
The planned role of this research and the main aim of this specific work package within the project is to demonstrate tangible business results from the implementation of digital technologies in crisis management.