The Event of “Train the Trainer” was Held in Ireland with the Participation of All Project Partners

One of the key parts of the project is the development of a “Training Curriculum” that aims to help young people develop their entrepreneurial skills, become ready for the real and digital markets, and build an agile company that can respond to potential crisis circumstances. The created curriculum it consists of 6 main modules as following;
• Digital Business,
• Existing Digital Business Technology & Solutions,
• Digital Marketing & Communications,
• Digital Data & Current Technology,
• Emerging & Digital Transformation Technology,
• Governance, Risk, Compliance & Trust, Security, Privacy (GRC & TSP)
A 6-day training of trainers was organized in Ireland between June 24 and June 29, 2022, hosted by the project partner Atlantic Technology University, with participation from representatives of the project partner institutions, with the goal of the project partners disseminating the curriculum in their own countries.