Virtual Boot Camps will be organized !!!

Online Boot Camps within the scope of SMART Youth Project, aims to bring the educational skills in business sustainability, prevention, and management of crisis through digitalization!

SMART Youth Boot Camps address the newly emerging needs of young people and students who intend to become entrepreneurs, to adapt in times of risk, crisis & change in the business environment and within the global economic conditions.

The Boot Camps will cover following topics and will last 6 days;

  • Digital Business,
  • Existing Digital Business Technology & Solutions,
  • Digital Marketing & Communications,
  • Digital Data & Current Technology,
  • Emerging & Digital Transformation Technology,
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance & Trust, Security, Privacy (GRC & TSP)

The expected qualifications of the candidates who are considered to attend multinational online streaming courses are as follows:

Between 18 – 29 years of age:

  • young people and students interested in entrepreneurship
  • young entrepreneurs
  • start-up owners

!!! All participants who have fully participated and successfully completed the bootcamp will be awarded with “certificate of international participation” which is undersigned by the six SMART Youth project partners.

Application Deadline is August 21, 2022!

Date of Selection is August 26, 2022!

Boot Camps will take place between




For 6 days in total

Working language(s): English

This Training Course is for 80 participants from Turkey, Bulgaria, Ireland and Romania

Accessibility info: This activity and venue place are accessible to people with disabilities.

Costs: Free of charge


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