Target Group

Participants in the project activities are all people and organizations that fall under the identified target groups:

Group1: Young people and students interested in entrepreneurship (18-29 years old) will be involved as participants in the organization of the virtual boot camps. Their role is crucial, because as final beneficiaries of the Curriculum their feedback and suggestions will help the PPs to improve the quality of the content. They will build essential skills needed for the success of the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Group2: Staff members of the partner organisations will be involved in the “Train the trainer” event. Participants in this group will be selected by the local project manager, but priority will be given to less experienced educators. Additional criteria such as professional profile, motivation, level of English language will be also taken into account. The trained staff members will also participate as lecturers in the virtual boot-camps.

They can benefit from the developed training programme and can adopt part or the entire Curriculum in their programmes.